Origin Safety was formed in 2018 as a new organisation which merged Aurora Safety and Avia Safety Systems. Origin's founding directors (Neil Barton and Stuart Mackrell) first met in 2013 when they both worked for a safety consultancy specialising in defence safety. After successfully pursuing their own business ventures for a few years, they joined forces with the creation of Origin Safety in November 2018. After starting with just Stuart and Neil on board, Origin has since expanded over the years to welcome a number of other highly qualified safety specialists to the team.


Origin Safety provides technical safety consultancy services to a range of industries, including the Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Naval, Rail and Land sectors. We help our clients better understand and manage their risks in designing, maintaining and operating safety critical systems. Our safety engineering knowledge covers a diverse range of specialisations including: 

  • Safety case development and management
  • Safety management systems
  • Hazard identification & analysis
  • Hazard Log development
  • Risk assessments
  • Functional safety
  • Software safety
  • Radiological & criticality safety cases
  • International and regulatory safety standards
    (e.g. IEC 61508, Def Stan 00-56, DO-178B,
    ONR Safety Assessment Principles, MAA Regulatory Publications)
  • Health & Safety legislation
  • Safety requirement derivation and compliance
  • ALARP assessments
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Availability, Reliability & Maintainability (ARM)
  • Failure modes effects & criticality analysis (FMECA)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)
  • Safety auditing
  • In-service safety performance monitoring
  • End-of-life / decommissioning safety cases

We have provided safety support to projects ranging from submarine control systems to space-based surveillance. We have extensive experience in the Air domain, through the provision of safety consultancy services to unmanned air vehicles and air traffic management systems.



Quality is at the core of what we do. Origin operates an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System for the Management of Safety Engineering and Consultancy Services (BSI certificate number FS 724457).
Origin undertakes consultancy services helping to ensure its clients systems are ‘safe’, particularly those inherently high in risk or having a complex technical nature. Our expertise covers all aspects of Safety Cases and safety engineering related disciplines (including, but not limited to, Safety Case authorship, functional safety, Hazard Identification (HAZID), risk management, Availability, Reliability & Maintainability (ARM) and Health & Safety. Our objective is to provide a high quality integrated service to our clients using skilled and professional staff, ensuring that:

  • Requirements are met fully and precisely in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, and
  • Origin’s personnel have demonstrable understanding and commitment to its Quality Management System (QMS).

Download a copy of our ISO 9001 Certificate HERE

Our policy is to provide a framework for setting quality objectives and to maintain and implement a documented QMS which satisfies as a minimum the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, through:

  • Documenting of procedures to control the quality of services;
  • Maintenance of records to control and show compliance with both the clients’ and Origin’s quality requirements;
  • Recording and execution of any corrective measures necessary to ensure the quality of the service provided;
  • Taking appropriate preventive measures to improve quality and minimise the possibility of recurrent issues and / or unsatisfactory service;
  • Monitoring of the system at regular intervals to ensure its continuing and improving effectiveness.

Health & Safety
Origin is committed to achieving and maintaining exemplary standards of Health & Safety. Origin believes that accidents can be prevented, and strives to achieve continuous improvement in its Health & Safety performance.
Origin applies all reasonable endeavours to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees, Associates and all other stakeholders who may be affected by its activities. Origin takes steps to ensure its statutory duties are met at all times by appointing competent people to assist in providing and maintaining a working environment in which risks are minimised. A positive Health & Safety culture is promoted at all levels in the organisation, with supervision and training provided as required to ensure Origin’s work activities are performed safely. Appropriate levels of resource are provided to meet Health & Safety needs.
While responsibility for the maintenance of effective and detailed health and safety management systems ultimately lies with the company’s Directors, all personnel are responsible for complying with those systems and ensuring that their duties are undertaken safely. Personnel failing to meet their obligations in a manner consistent with the company’s Health & Safety policies may be subject to disciplinary action


We recognise that a changing climate, together with the pressures of population growth and urbanisation require that society and business work together to adapt. We work with our clients, associates and suppliers to take a balanced approach to deliver a sustainable future.  We are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our people are passionate about promoting sustainable activities through the choices we make and the initiatives we invest in towards reducing our carbon footprint.  Our policy is to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible through the following:

  • Compliance with all relevant national and regional legislation as a minimum standard;
  • Compliance with relevant codes of practice and other requirements such as those specified by regulators and our clients;
  • Employment of practical energy efficiency and waste minimisation measures;
  • Exhibiting corporate social responsibility (see our Corporate Social Responsibility policy below);
  • Provision of an inter-office IT network together with communications and video conferencing technology in order to reduce business travel.

Origin is committed to protecting the company’s employees, property, information, reputation and client assets from potential threats in the supply chain. This policy is guided by the company’s basic core values, code of conduct, business ethics and supply chain security standards, and it fashions the way we operate throughout the supply chain. All security activities must adhere to the general principles laid down below:

  • Employees and Associates must always be aware of and take responsibility for the security aspects of the company’s business activities;
  • Threat analysis and risk evaluations should be conducted on a regular basis at a frequency and depth that is appropriate and proportionate to the level of risk;
  • Security practices should be seamlessly integrated with business activities;
  • “Incident prevention” must be the first priority;
  • All sensitive information shall be stored securely e.g. password protected, encrypted, or stored under suitable lock and key;
  • The level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity of staff involved in security matters must be tightly controlled;
  • Origin’s personnel shall be appropriately security cleared for the projects they work on;
  • All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities must be reported and recorded. Any corrective actions must be followed up through regular verifications to improve the overall security standard.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The values of social responsibility are a natural and important part of our strategy and corporate culture. We take social and environmental aspects into account in our business and day-to-day operations.

  • we support the community through advocating good causes at local and national levels (see our 'Giving Back' page);
  • we support continual professional development of our personnel by encouraging charterships and professional body memberships;
  • for our own personnel, we pay attention to a quality work environment, we offer the possibility of career growth and assistance in balancing work responsibilities and family life;
  • the issue of environmental protection and the environmental acceptability of our activities and final products are among the company's priorities.

Our Procurement Policy has been developed to ensure compliance with our quality, safety and environmental management systems and to promote procurement of more sustainable products and materials. We will:

  • assess suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they meet the requirements of our safety, quality and environmental management systems;
  • ensure that the environmental impacts of our projects are considered to minimise the carbon footprint impact of our activities;
  • select suppliers who adhere to fair trade and ethical  philosophies;
  • minimise waste by specifying materials that require little alteration prior to installation, operation and maintenance;
  • where practical, use materials which can be readily re-used or recycled;
  • consider the energy efficiency of plant, equipment and materials and promote those items with the greatest energy efficiency, including the logistics of supply;
  • ensure that the goods and services we procure are legal, ethical and in line with fair trade philosophies.
In order to achieve this, we work closely with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers to promote this procurement policy and the principles of sustainable development. We monitor supplier and subcontractor performance as part of our annual QMS review activities.
To assist us in achieving these aims and to achieve economies of scale and efficiency we will also establish and use Purchasing Framework Agreements. These agreements will be promoted and used in the first instance.

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